Leading economist cites Market Mortgage as solution for first time buyers

Written by Market Mortgage   
|   February 17, 2021

Earlier this week, a leading economist cited Market Mortgage as an innovative solution to the challenges facing first-time-buyers in his commentary on the UK housing sector.


Gerard Lyons, who has held a number of senior roles across Government and is a senior fellow at the think tank “Policy Exchange”, published a paper setting out the necessary reforms to the “demand side” of the housing market.  These aim to make it easier for people to buy their first homes.


His paper discussed a range of practical policy measures, but central to his argument was the idea that market innovation is needed to help people onto the property ladder when they can afford mortgage payments but just don’t have a big deposit. He cites Market Mortgage as a recent example of such innovation. 


This problem is exactly what Market Mortgage will help achieve, without the need for Government intervention.  We enable first time buyers with a small deposit to get their foot on the property ladder.


We were really proud to be referenced in the paper as a viable way of achieving this goal.


You can see the paper for yourself here or read how The Guardian covered the story. Watch this space for more news..


Eliot Darcy, Founder of Market Mortgage

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